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What No One Tells You About Google Page Speed, Generation C, & SEO

Google Page Speed

  50 milliseconds…. That’s .05 seconds, or less than half the time it takes an average person to blink. According to a study by Behaviour & Information Technology Journal, that’s how long you have to make a first impression on visitors... (more...)

Cousin Sven Decided to Outsource SEO, Here’s Why You Should Too


Last month my wife and I were hosting a Mother’s Day brunch, at our house, filled with family and friends. It was a beautiful day, celebrating the most important women in our lives, discussing the usual; kids, food, sports, weather, politics, and work. Half... (more...)

Investing in SEO Help Yields Long Term Profits

investing in seo help

Where will we rank? When will we rank? If I spend this money, what can you guarantee me? On their face, these are reasonable questions from someone whose about to invest in SEO help to enhance their search traffic. The answers, however are a bit more... (more...)

Search Engine Real Estate & The Importance of SEO

importance of seo

It’s a long, hot, sticky, summer night in Miami Beach. You’re walking down Ocean Drive, sweating bullets, looking at all the beautiful people and all you can think about is an ice-cold margarita in your hands. Right on que, you look up and see a... (more...)

How Much Does SEO Cost

How much does SEO cost

SEO or search engine optimization is a strategic marketing venture to gain more traffic to your website by putting your site at the top of the search engine results page or SERP. So the burning question, as it is with all marketing, is how much does SEO... (more...)

How User Behavior Affects your Google Rankings

How user behaviour affects your Google rankings rev 3

What are you searching for? What are your friends and enemies searching for on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Users are continuously changing and are very dynamic in their behavior of website search and content finding. When you perform... (more...)

Why SEO is Important

Why SEO is Important

You have a business that you own, and you are so excited to be selling products or services, but you are not getting any foot traffic to your site. You have a competitor that sells close to the same product as yourself, but they seem to be raking in the... (more...)

What does SEO stand for

SEO, we have all heard it and know it has something to do with searches on the internet, but what does SEO stand for? SEO stands for a lot of things, including technology, finances, marketing, systems, instant knowledge, business, and great minds, but... (more...)

Boost Your Website Conversion Rates – 8 Proven Ways

Taking measures to improve your website’s conversion rate is a very powerful, yet often overlooked, way to increase your revenue. Simply put, it’s easier (and more cost effective) to gain more sales from your existing traffic than it is to drive more... (more...)

Get More Twitter Followers: 11 Twitter Marketing Tips

When it comes to promoting a business or website, leveraging Twitter as a marketing platform can provide very powerful benefits. In fact, a marketing study performed by iModerate in 2010 revealed that after a customer followed a brand on Twitter, they... (more...)

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