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Why SEO is Important

Why SEO is Important

You have a business that you own, and you are so excited to be selling products or services, but you are not getting any foot traffic to your site. You have a competitor that sells close to the same product as yourself, but they seem to be raking in the... (more...)

What does SEO stand for

SEO, we have all heard it and know it has something to do with searches on the internet, but what does SEO stand for? SEO stands for a lot of things, including technology, finances, marketing, systems, instant knowledge, business, and great minds, but... (more...)

Boost Your Website Conversion Rates – 8 Proven Ways

Taking measures to improve your website’s conversion rate is a very powerful, yet often overlooked, way to increase your revenue. Simply put, it’s easier (and more cost effective) to gain more sales from your existing traffic than it is to drive more... (more...)

Get More Twitter Followers: 11 Twitter Marketing Tips

When it comes to promoting a business or website, leveraging Twitter as a marketing platform can provide very powerful benefits. In fact, a marketing study performed by iModerate in 2010 revealed that after a customer followed a brand on Twitter, they... (more...)

Hit With a Google Penalty? Don’t Waste Time: Read This!

A newer problem plaguing website owners is the potential for low-quality SEO efforts to result in a ranking penalty (or an organic “slap”) from Google. This guide covers everything you need to know to avoid a penalty, how to tell if one has affected... (more...)

Oh NO! Penguin Killed My PageRank!

Imagine waking up one morning and find all your hard work has disappeared into thin air. That’s essentially what happened to some business website listings when Google introduced the Penguin update to its search engine algorithm on April 24, 2012. This... (more...)

Help! Hummingbird Attacked My Search Results!

Recently – and surreptitiously – Google changed its search algorithm. Unlike the Panda or Penguin updates to the original formula, this time Google replaced the whole darn thing. It’s the biggest change since, well… ever! They... (more...)

What is Panda and How Did It Affect My Ranking?

On February 24, 2011 Google released the first major adjustment to its secret search indexing formula. They named it Panda, and it was designed to penalize low-quality websites; Panda ended up affecting 12% of its search results. Most of it was good,... (more...)

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