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The Challenges

US Peptides contacted SEO Experts Inc. in October 2018 for help with multiple issues affecting their ability to rank and convert users. The site was experiencing page speed issues on mobile devices, losing authoritative backlinks, and was battling the Google Medic Update, rolled out in August of 2018.

Many Keywords that were historically responsible for driving organic traffic to the site were rapidly decreasing in rankings, leaving US Peptides scrambling to find the cause.

From August 2018 to October 2018, the website experienced a steep in organic traffic:

  • August 2018 Organic Traffic: 1,414 users
  • October 2018 Organic Traffic: 1,093

Next, the website was steadily declining in ranking for numerous keywords which were responsible for driving traffic and conversions. Here are their rankings as of October 1, 2018:

  • Top 10: 82
  • Top 3: 33

Finally, as a result of the decrease in traffic and rankings, US Peptides experienced declining conversions and sales in the months of August, September and October.

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US Peptides is a US based distributor of the highest-grade research Peptides and Amino Acid Derivatives available.

They utilize the most advanced techniques to ensure fast and secure product delivery. The company relies on its website to connect with customers and complete transactions.

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The Goals

US Peptides partnered with our experts to identify the cause of their organic traffic and organic ranking problems. We then implemented an SEO solution designed to:

  • Increase the number of keywords in Google’s top 10 and top 3 organic rankings
  • Increase organic traffic driven by targeted keywords
  • Increase conversions and sales through the website
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The Strategy

We began by conducting a thorough audit and performance investigation of This included:

  • Auditing the site’s backlink profile
  • Conducting a Google penalty analysis
  • Conducting a comprehensive keyword audit of the site
  • Performing comprehensive keyword audit of all competitor websites research.

Based on the information discovered during the above activities, our SEO professionals developed a strategy to help US peptides improve their conversion rate and sales.

Step 1

  • Develop targeted keyword strategy focused on keywords identified as the most valuable for driving traffic and conversions to the website.

Step 2

  • Implement aggressive content restructuring strategy to provide support for identified keywords, improve customer experience and increase customer engagement. This is included fixing on-site technical issues and improving page speed throughout the site.

Step 3

  • Create high-quality, informative and engaging content (focused on the target keywords) to efficiently earn authoritative backlinks from well-known and trusted sites.
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The Results

In just 5 months, our team successfully implemented a strategy that helped US Peptides overcome all of their challenges, resulting in:

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As a result, US Peptides realized an increase in sales and conversions through the website and recovered from the issues they faces in Q3 of 2018.

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