How Will Search Engine Optimization
Impact Your Profits?

Since SEO Experts has optimized our site, we have received a flood of inquiries into our services from potential customers who have found us on the major search engines. SEO Experts has truly expanded our marketing base.

Mitch Herckis

Not only is search engine optimization marketing one of the most cost effective forms of marketing today, SEO marketing is one of the most effective for a variety of reasons:

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Means Visibility at The Exact Moment That Potential Customers Are Searching For What You Offer

Unlike television and radio ads that are served to a general audience whether or not they need your services at the moment, search engine optimization marketing puts your products and services directly in front your target audience at the exact moment they are searching for them.

We've developed SEO marketing campaigns for companies that once had to continuously source for business via cold calling and expensive mailings that have had to increase their sales staff after gaining a top 10 search engine ranking. Wondering how many people are searching for your products and services each month? Request a free demand report to find out what type of impact SEO marketing can have on your profitability.

According to the PEW/Internet and American Life study conducted in 2008, nearly half of all American's in 2008 turned to search engines to find answers on a daily basis. This number is up from one-third in 2002. With a US population of 304,059,724, search engine optimization marketing makes your products and services visible to the 1.5+ billion people who use search engines.

SEO Marketing Means Enjoying The Benefits of Brand Dominance

Search engine users have a great deal of trust in the results that search engines deliver -- and with good reason. Search engines are continuously improving their ranking algorithms to ensure that their users are getting the most relevant results related to their search query.

When a site ranks well in the search engines, people tend to 'trust' the site as an industry leader. Only 10 websites can hold a position on the first page of the search results and this is accomplished through SEO marketing. As people click past the first page of search engine results, their trust in those results tends to decline exponentially.

What does this mean for you? Many of our clients say that after we've launched our search engine optimization marketing campaigns, more customers come to them 'pre-sold' once their site gains a top ten position. Inquiries shift from "why to buy" to "how to buy." A higher search engine ranking can result in a stronger brand -- and all of the many benefits that come with being recognized as a brand leader including premium pricing and a dedicated following.

We look forward to learning more about your business and creating an SEO marketing plan designed to increase your online visibility and sales. Start by requesting a free ranking report, a free demand report, or a free search engine optimization launch plan.

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